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*Quick coupler can quickly install various configuration parts (bucket, ripper, hydraulic breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, which can expand the scope of use of the excavator, save time and improve work efficiency.

*Using high-strength manganese steel and advanced structural integration mechanical design, durable, suitable for various excavation models from 3 to 50 tons.

*The cab is equipped with an electric switch for easy operation by the driver.

*The double safety device design of the hydraulic control one-way question and mechanical locking ensures that even if the oil pipe is broken, the front end device will not fall.

*The excavator configuration does not need to be modified, and there is no need to disassemble the pin shaft when switching, which is completed in minutes, so the installation is fast, which greatly improves work efficiency, saves time, fuel consumption and labor.
Brand AGEB